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Last week's scammer (11/13/2016)

Okay, so here is my story from last week.

I got a message from a guy on POF and he was cute (they always are). He sent me a message that he likes my pictures and wanted to get to know me. He said he was in the Army stationed in Afghanistan and that he was retiring in a month. Heard that before. So I messaged him back and asked if he was really in the army or was he yanking my chain. I told him that I heard from several guys on here who claim to be in the army and really aren’t. So I waited for his response. He said why would he have a reason to try lie. So I gave him a chance but still didn’t believe him. So I asked where he grew up in St. Louis. He said he was born in Ohio and moved to St. Louis two years ago. I asked how what was the time difference between Afghanistan and St. Louis. I waited and waited. No answer. I went back to look at his profile and it was gone. Actually he probably blocked me. He didn’t know the time difference obviously because he wasn’t in Afghanistan.

I’m getting really good at spotting them. Here are some hints to look for when you get a message from someone who says they are in the Army:

· As soon as he says he is in the military and on a peace keeping mission, he isn’t really.

· On their profiles you will only see one picture and they only have no siblings.

· When you chat with them their parents are already deceased.

· When they say they are from St. Louis, ask them what high school they went to. As you know this is famous St. Louis question. If they can’t answer that, they aren’t from here and are lying. But sometime they do their homework give you the name of one that is here.

· They say they have one child and a family friend or maid is taking care of them. (Or a nanny).

If you can get a screen shot of their profile so you can post their pictures on the military romance scammers facebook page. I put that link in a previous posting.

To be continued…

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