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My 2 year Blogging Anniversary (10/12/2018)

Well this month is my second anniversary since I started this blog.   I wanted to do something special and didn't know what to write about. Well ask and you shall receive.

This morning I received an email (no not from Ellen) from a man in New York who was concerned about his Aunt communicating online with a guy who says he is in the army on a peace keeping mission (you know the rest).   She is 61 and from the pictures my new friend sent me this guy is younger. Well he wanted my advice on what to do. He found my blog and read some of my stories. Well I called him back. Had an awesome conversation with him about his aunt and my blog. So I told him there are several things he can do:

  • Encourage her to read my blog

  • Have her call me and I will talk to her

  • Contact the FBI

  • Contact the Army

I told several of my stories. We chatted for about a half hour. He told me he was good at investigating people. I joked that I would put him on my payroll to help me, of course I don't have a budget. LOL!!

For a while I've wondered if I am helping anyone with my blog. I have fun catching these scammers in their lies etc. And I love posting my stories. I love talking about it to people. But am I helping anyone? The answer is YES.

The fact that someone contacted me for advice about this really made me feel good. I am doing something worthwhile. I amazed myself on how much I've learned about online romance scammers. I want to continue the fight. Continue to remind women (and men) that you are worth more than these online boneheads. You have a purpose to life. You are AWESOME!

I love the movie "Julie and Julia". It stars Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. It's about Julia Child the cookbook author and Julie Powell who lives in New York. Julie Powell wanted to write something and decided on a blog. She committed herself to a year to make all the recipes in Julia Child cookbook. Over 500 recipes. She made each and every one and blogged about it.   I've watched this movie many times. It was my inspiration to write a blog but didn't know what I would right about.

My first blog in 2011 didn't last long. It was basically me bashing on the guy I broke up with. Then in 2016 when I decided to look into Online Dating, I had no idea what an adventure it would be for me.

In October 2016, I deleted the old blog and began my journey as the StargateLady Online Dating Blog. Why Stargate? Love love love the show with Richard Dean Anderson. Plus it sounds really cool.

I watch Julie and Julia when I need inspiration for next the marketing idea for my blog. It's amazing what I've come up with from that movie. One idea is making connections on LinkedIn with publishing company employees. The part in the movie where an article was published about Julie Powell in the newspaper and all the publishing companies that called and left her messages. Well I wrote down all the names of the companies and tried to connect with as many on LinkedIn. And literary agents too. I plan to put this into a book and you never know. I may need an agent someday. (A girl can dream).

I want to thank you all for continuing to come back and read my crazy stories. And I ask you to continue to come back and tell everyone you know about it.

And thank you to my new friend in New York for contacting me. You made my day. J

So, get a glass of wine, make some popcorn and sit down and read my fun stories. And as always…


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