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NEW SCAM - And I kind of fell for it (9/4/2020)

Yes it evens happens to me.  But I'm good.

So I put some stuff to sell on the Offer Up app.  And right away I had someone who wanted to buy some of my stuff.  I looked at their profile and it was a new account that was just opened.  That should be the first red flag.   This person message me through the app saying they wanted my cell number and would send me a code to prove I am real.  Red flag #2!!!.  So I got the text and sent them the code.  Heard nothing.  Then googled this and below is the link on what I Found out.  I followed the instructions and used a different number that I use for the scammers.  So I am good.


The link above has the info.  

I like to think I know it all but hey, I know I don't.  But I get to share all this with you.

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