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"No need am thanking God's Creation" (2/26/2020)

I had a great lunch today.  As I eat my delicious bologna sandwich (yes I like bologna) in the cafe at work,  I chatted with my newest "boyfriend",  I could feel the love.  LOL!!!!

This was a good one.  Really!!  I swear!

Now this dude was from Plenty of Fish (POF).  I saw his profile the other night and saw he was military so I send my usual message of "Thank you for your Service" and then the dance begins.

Please read our "love letters" and after I will share more info with you.  It's great!!  Trust me!!!

Okay, so he tried to video chat with me.  Now just so you know, I never show my face on video.  I use my photos but on video I have my phone face the ceiling.  So the first 2 times he video called all I heard was a lot of noise.  (Maybe other scammers working).  He never said anything. I just kept calling him a scammer.

Then he says he will show his truth self.  Ring ring ring, I pick it up and my camera is pointing to the ceiling.  I saw hello.  Boom!  It's a the real scammer.  I call him a scammer.  But I also take a screen shot of him and now I have his picture to post EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you ready to see his picture?  Are you sure?  Well, allow me to introduce you too... Scammer (I don't have a name for him).  LOL!!!

He's wearing a damn wedding ring.  LOL!!!

So, this is today's story.  I enjoyed my bologna sandwich, along with Cheetos and Mint Girl Scout Cookies.  And Diet Coke.  :)

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