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As you know while I try to keep you all informed on the ways of the romance scammers and make it humorous, the story I am going to share with you isn't funny.  A girl I work with asked me to share this story of her friend and what happened to her when she met a guy on Plenty of Fish (POF).

Please read and view the videos and share this information with everyone.

....It has two blog posts as follows:

First Video naming the rapist and reading police statement - 

Second Video - opening the evidence box

Third Video - burning ceremony of clothes I was raped in

Thank you to my friend for sharing this with me so that I can share it with others.

Meeting guys online is a very scary thing now days.   I remember in the 80's doing the personals.   In my experience I never had anything bad happened.  Most of the time neither of us wanted to see the other again which was fine.

But one rule my best friend and I had was you tell the other where you are meeting this guy for dinner so they know.  And if you leave you call and tell her.  I think this rule should apply still today but with one addition.  Have your friends at the restaurant as well keeping an eye on you and him.  In another table of course.  That's what girlfriends are for.  Watching your back and visa versa.

Ladies!  We have to stick together!!!



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