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Our Time (11/2/2016)

The next site I tried is Our Time for people over 50. I signed up for one month. The second day I was on it my account got hacked. Oh great. So that Monday I was able to get it back by calling the company. Nothing bad happened. Our Time noticed something wasn’t right so they shut down my profile. Kudos to them for catching that. No personal info is in there so I don’t have to worry. Just had to change my password. One bad thing about Our Time is their sight is so slow and has lots of ads.

I got a message from a guy. I messaged back. His profile says he lives in St. Louis but he said he was in Atlanta GA for six months. He makes jewelry. He says it takes him all around the world because he personally delivers it. Hmm. Suspicious to you? It was to me. Of course I googled him and didn’t find anything. My first suspicion is he was using a fake name. I could be wrong. Not likely though. We exchanged a few more emails and he asked for my phone number. NOPE! Not gonna happen. I had told him about my scammer story and he was eager to talk to me. He wouldn’t answer any of the questions I asked too. Okay, scammer. So I emailed him back and said I wasn’t ready to give out my number and maybe I wasn’t ready for this. (I can be nice). He was nice and said he understood. No more contact since


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