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Part 2

A few days later I get a message from a guy on Match he said he met someone from here and is getting married next month but he said his friend was looking over his shoulder and saw my picture on the site and thought I was gorgeous. He said I should surprise him and contact him. He gave me his email. I thought about it and though sure what the heck. So I emailed him.

He was very surprised to hear from me and glad. He sends a very nice email and tells me all about him. Once again going on about how beautiful I am. (I know I know). We exchanged a few emails. Of course he lives in Canada. What a surprise. I googled and him didn’t find out a whole lot about him but he did really live in Canada. Well one night I emailed him back and told him about the scammer I encountered. What a surprise but I never heard from him again. Hmm. Another scammer? Who knows? Who cares?

That’s when I thought I should really do a blog about this. I thought maybe this would get me on the Ellen Degeneres show and she could set it up so I could meet Chris Pratt and Chris Evans. Okay, I am getting off track here. Chris and Chris are my cougar crushes. (Oh yeah Channing Tatum too).

My hairdresser Debbie loved my stories. Every time I would go in she would ask if I had any stories and so I would tell her. She and I would laugh the whole time I was there. She agreed I needed to do a blog.

This was really getting hilarious. So now this was an experiment for me. But I in no way would hurt any man or lead them on. If I would meet someone fine but I would document all this for my blog. To be continued...


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