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Plenty of Fish (POF)

Then I moved on to Plenty of Fish (POF).

I have several POF stories but I have to tell you the one that just happened this week.

So I go through the pictures and profiles and saw a guy who looked cute and had a decent profile. So I figured what the heck I’ll send a flirt. He responded back right away and we exchanged several messages over 2 days. He said he was in the army special forces and right now he was stationed in St. Louis. He is from Valley Park. My first question I asked is what high school he went too. He told me JFK High School. So I checked and that high school is in St. Louis. Okay, so that may be true. As we chatted he mentioned be stationed here and I should have asked where, instead I said oh are you at Jefferson Barracks and he said yes. My goof there. Supposedly he has an 8 year old daughter who lives in KC and is being taken of while he is here. He said his wife was killed in a car accident five years ago. So a day later he says I should get a google account and get hangout app on my phone and we could message through there, so I finally get it and we exchanged messages. The next day we messaged and I was still skeptical. The messages he was sending weren’t making any sense. I sent him a list of 10 questions and he answers them all. I asked what he does and he gave a very long and detailed explanation. I thought well maybe he is who he said he is but he could have gotten all that info on the internet. Of course the compliments started about how I am the most beautiful thing he has seen in the last years. During the conversation he asked me 3 times what I was doing. I told him the same thing every time. So he sent this message: “It’s getting late over here, just need to check on the refugees once more, give some report and I’ll talk to you later.” My eyes lit up. So I asked him if there were refugees at JB? He said for now. I checked and there are none there. It is the home of the National Guard. So here is where I nail him in his lies. This is what I wrote back to him:

“Are you really in St. Louis or are you yanking my chain? I’m not being rude but I’ve run into a couple of guys on here who say they are in the military and really aren’t.” He response was: “omg. Seriously?” I respond back: “Yes, I found first one on a website about this kind of thing. His picture was there. I wasn’t hurt or mad. Just don’t want to waste me time.” He said ok. I wrote back that I just want honesty.”

Guess what? I never head back from him and this was from a day ago. And he conveniently blocked me from seeing him POF. I know this because a co worker has the app and she said she saw him on the day before.

Now I did google him everywhere and nothing came up.

Tip 4: When you don’t find them on the internet, chances are he is using a fake name. Everyone who has a smart phone or internet access has their foot print out there. So if you google and can’t find anything? It’s a fake name.

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