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RENTING SCAMMERS!! (6/15/2019)

Yes, not just romance scammers, there are so many other scammers.  I posted a story about this before but I have another.


So I'm looking for a new place to move to and rent.  Craigslist is really not what it could be but most know that.  But I look there anyway.


I've noticed when they don't really post pictures and want you to only email them.  RED FLAG!!  Scammer alert!  Yes scammer alert!


Well I know this one was a scammer but I decided to go ahead and play along.  If nothing else for the story I can share here to warn others. 


On Craigslist the house is listed as For Rent.  On Zillow it's listed for sale.


So I sent the below email to inquire:


I saw the house on 7032 Eichelberer Dr listed on craigslist.  But I drove and says it’s for sale.  It is for rent, if it is I am very interested.


And here is his response back:

THE HOUSE IS AVAILABLE FOR RENT, so you are free to decide on how long you intend occupying it...Rent already includes utilities.. You can go by the house and let me know what you think of it and get back to me.. The address of my house is 7032 Eichelberger Dr, Saint Louis, MO 63123. I  have been transferred here for job on a contract,  am spending 2 - 3 years and am planning to buy another house over here, I  want you to know that you will not be able to view the inside of the house as the keys are with me here in California. If you like the house we can now move forward on how to get key sent to you.... I'm ready to accept either monthly or upfront mode of payment.. Depending on the one you are most Comfortable with.. Utilities  include: power,  water, washer/dryer,  sewer  and trash..Your  monthly rent already covers  utilities  so you do not  have to  pay extra  charges  for  that.  Pet  are allowed as long as they are not destructive. The monthly rent is $750 while security deposit is $700......Schulze Nathan

And now my response:

Awesome.  I am applying for a loan to move.  My current landlord is selling the duplex where I live. 


I should hear back if approved for loan of end of today or tomorrow.  How do I send u the deposit etc?

And now his response:

 First, i will forward you the necessary paper work to fill out and send it back to me for proper documentation.I won't accept any payment from you unless we both sign the necessary paperwork. Av you rented a house before and when do you intend to move in? I don’t want to associate myself with tenant that do drugs or indulge in bad activities. Have you pet?

And my response:

 No Pets. No drugs.  I am clean

And now his response:

 Okay, here are the necessary paperwork so fill them out and sign them and email them back to me for proper documentation. I want you to know that i am not after any money all i want is a God fearing person that would take very good care of my property for me, hope you are willing to do that?

So I called the realtor before I responded back.  She was a pill.  Guessing she hasn't been laid in a long time.  I went to tell her about it and she just interrupted me that's it's not for rent. I told I knew that but I wanted to let her know.  She says it happens all the time.  No thank you, no have a nice day. 


So when I got home, I made my last response before blocking his email and reporting the post to Craigslist:

I’ve reported your craigslist ad to craigslist and the FBI.  I checked with the real owner of the property (which you are not) and he said he is selling and was not renting.


So go away scammer.  Nice try though.

So if someone tries to rent you house and can't show it to you? 


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