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Same pictures - Different guy - or so I think? (5/23/2017)

Okay, so over the weekend I get a meet me request on POF. So of course I look at the profile. Sounds good but looks familiar. So I send him a note back thanking him for the meeting and conversation begins. Now by now you all should know where this is heading. :)

He sends beautiful message through POF. Here they are:

Okay, so The emails begins but I only get one. Here is the email and I'll tell you what I wrote back:

Hi there here are some few pics of me,I hope you like them.I would be looking forward to see more pictures of you and chat to know each other better.Hope to hear from you soon,til then stay safe and take care

So below is the email I sent back to him:

Hi Bill I have the picture below that I received a while back. I think we may have chatted before.

Guess what? You know it's coming!!! I haven't heard from him. LOL!!!!

So that's today's story.

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