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Single & Penniless: FBI Warns of $475M Lost to Romance Scams (9/3/2020)

I received this from a co worker who works in the Cyber department where I work.  She sends me all good stuff to share.

Please read below.  

This is why I do what I do!!!!!!!!!!

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is warning of online romance scams, an ongoing online fraud trend that can lead to large financial losses, as well as devastating emotional scars. The scammers behind this type of fraud are using fake online identities to gain their victims' trust on social media and dating websites. Once the targets are lured in, scammers are taking advantage of the illusion of a romantic relationship to manipulate them into sending them money or financial information later to be used in other types of fraud schemes. The 2019 Internet Crime Report published by FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) says that romance scams (also known as confidence fraud) are behind higher financial damages when compared to other reported online crimes.

Please share my blog with everyone.  You can help me spread the word so this will stop!!!!

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