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So what happened today! (2/17/2017)

Okay, so today I had a new guy contact me on POF. We exchanged 2 messages and then he asked about my luck on the site. So I told him. A minute later he blocked me. SCAMMER ALERT!!!

But the other day after my interview I received a facebook message from a guy. It's not just the guys going after women to scam them, women also are doing the same. I got his permission to share his story but I won't use his name.

"It's just as I said before., I go on trying to find someone because eharmoney completely failed me. I get one person in my inbox that was interested in me for what they claimed was who I was. They claimed to be a descendant of royalty that's been cast off for whatever reason (or might not have) but they make a living traveling and selling what they buy back here in the states. After a week or so of talking she said she needed help (this was back before I knew about this kind of scam) and wanted me to transfer funds to her so she could get through customs and if she didn't she would be forced to be homeless and whatnot. I took the stimulus they sent to everyone that qualified at the time to the nearby money transfer place and when they asked what I was doing with it they refused to transfer for me explaining why. I told her I couldn't and she basically begged me till I said no...that was the last I heard from her....2 weeks later or so I get matched again with someone and when I message them back I get the same starting conversation as before and I told them kiss my ass."

Thank you friend for allowing me to share this story.

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