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Okay, so I am trying to sell my old iPhone 11.  I have it listed on Facebook selling pages.  So today I get a private message through messenger on Facebook coming from Instagram.  Now you got that?

He was interested in the phone. I told I had the sale pending.  He offered $100 more than I was asking.  So I went along.  He used Zelle to send me the money.  But I never got a notification on Zelle. Instead I got an email (which I knew was fake).  I have it below in my string of conversation.

So the email I got said that I didn't have a business account to accept this money.  It says I would need 150 more sent to me so I could receive the funds.  Really????

So he proceeds to fake send me $150.  I tell him I didn't understand.  He calls me (audio is below) and so I play along.  As soon as we hang up I send me one of my famous Scammer pictures. He calls me back.  And that conversation is below.  And I have his picture!!!

So see the conversation and hear the audio below and I'll be back right after. 

Now the audio:



Okay, so be aware when you sell stuff online.  I think if I didn't know what I know, this could have gone very wrong for me.

So when you sell stuff and someone tries this with you, remember what I posted here.  It will save you money!!!!!!!!

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