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This was a weird one! (1/17/2019)

So tonight I was conversing on google hangout with a guy who is in the army and on a peace keeping mission...

Anyway, He made mention of some of the guys who follow me on Instagram.  Asking if I am talking to anyone else.  I never thought much of it.  But after the conversation was done for the night, I went to his Instagram page and checked to see who he was following.  Well he was following 5 of my friend (real friends).  That bothered me.  Never had anyone do this before (Or else I never thought to check).  Well I messaged my friends and sent them a screen shot and told them to block him.  I'm not Patsy on Instagram and never post my personal photos on there.

Anyway this is a new tip.  If you converse with these goofballs, check out who they follow.  And if they follow your friends, BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK.  And tell your friends too.

I always learn something new.

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