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Today's story

So today while I was at work my co-worker Sharon showed me a guy on Plenty of Fish. He sounded cool. Looking for someone bubbly (me), sense of humor (me), positive person (me). So I looked him up and sent him a message. We sent a few short messages to each other. I mentioned about my interview and he said awesome. Then says “I love sex.” I laughed. I sent him a note back “Thanks but no thanks.” Click send and then blocked him. LOL!!! At least he wasn’t military. (At least I don’t think he was).

I did have a nice chat with another guy. He was getting ready to meet someone who he was really interested. He asked how I was doing on the site. I told him about all the liars etc. He said he had the same. I mentioned my blog and my interview. End of conversation

So this morning I get message from him. He saw me on the news last night. He said he said he thought this was great that I was doing this. And said a few other nice things. He said he liked the girl he met and he would be removing his profile but wanted to let me know. That was nice. He wished me luck. And I wished him luck too.

My old school friend Pam is trying to get the word out even more about my blog and interview. She is on a mission to make this go national. I am trying too. I am going to update my card a bit this week. My co-worker Rosa said we should do t-shirts. I was also thinking about bumper stickers.

We’ll see. :)

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