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Today's tip! (6/5/2017)

I have a new tip. When you get a phone number from someone (Cell or landline), I found a place you can join to find out their last name and where they live.

Now yes it does cost. I joined just for one month. It was 9.99 and I think I get 10 phone numbers I can search.

There are higher priced ones for 19.95 and 29.95 (click on the link and read).

I was texting with a guy who sounded okay and I wanted to do a little snooping to see. I usually google the phone number and came across this site. So I thought it would give it try.

It gives out last names so I can search on the web or facebook to see what you can find out about them. See if they are real or not.

I am not getting any kickbacks to mentioning them but I thought it was a good tool to use. Nowadays with so many scammers and liars it never hurts to do your research a little more thoroughly.

I think I should be in the detective business instead of the secretarial business. LOL!!!!

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