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Why do I continue to do this? (4/14/2017)

As I continue my search on the dating sites for that one special guy, and all I keep finding are these liars and guys posing as our military I guess some wonder why I continue to do this. I wonder that sometimes myself. But what started out as something to try and see what happens has turned in to something more for me. I feel like I am on a special journey. I want to get the word out to everyone (men included), not to fall for these liars and scammers online. Every couple of weeks I try to send my blog to different places online to advertise it. I want to get the word out. So that no one falls for these scammers. So I am asking you to share my blog with everyone you know. Send it to the masses!!! Get the word out.

This blog has become a passion for me and one I plan to continue until Mr. Right comes along.

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